All the FuZZieMiNT Traits explained

We all know traits are an important part of NFT collectibles.

The right traits can mean, extra clout, more value, more rarity and in our case, more cuteness too.

So here are all 9 traits of FuZZieMiNTs explained.

1. Fur Color

Interestingly, all FuZZies were once mint. And they later turned to different colors based on evolution. 17 different colors to be exact.

They are: Grey, Dark Green, Dark Blue, White, Red, Beige, Purple, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Light Pink, Green, Neon, Teal, Mint, Blue

Most Rare: Light Pink
Most Common: Beige

2. Body Color

They are: Grey, Dark Green, Dark Blue, White, Red, Beige, Purple, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Light Pink, Green, Neon, Teal, Mint, Blue

It’s a really rare occurence when a fuZZie has the same fur and body colors.

Most Rare: White
Most Common: Grey

3. Mouth Shape

Even though some look sad or worried, they are almost always in a positive mood.

Most Rare: Smile with dimples
Most Common: Tiny smile

4. Eye Color

There are 16 different eye colors are: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Grey, Red, Purple, Teal, Dark Blue, Yellow, Dark Green, Dark Grey, White, Orange, Beige.

The 17th trait occurs when a FuZZie has different colored eyes. A two eyed FuZZieMiNT can have a combination of any of the 16 different eye colors. This also makes up a known trait of the LuCKY 9 FuZZies.

Most Rare: Purple
Most Common: Red eyes

5. Rarity Item

In fact, only 41% of all FuZZieMiNTs have a rarity item.
There are 7 different rarity items, each giving the holding FuZZie a special power in addition to its magical vibe.

These traits are: Horns, Branched horns, Curved Horns, Ringed Horns, Antennae, One Eye and Third Eye

Most Rare: Horns
Most Common: Curved Horns

6. Positive Vibes

There are 17 different positive vibes. They are: Courage, Compassion, Patience, Love, Honesty, Loyalty, Creativity, Intuition, Equality, Intelligence, Leadership, Wealth, Health, Magic, Empathy, Generosity, Humor.

All vibes compliment each other, but some can be combined to create super vibes, and different missions require different vibes to overcome them.

Most Rare: Equality
Most Common: Wealth

7. Tribe

First 100 FuZZies are from the FuZZie100 tribe.

Nine further FuZZieMiNTs with a specific trait combination make up the Lucky9 Tribe. The combination is possession of the wealth vibe, two-colored eyes, and any rarity item.

All others are from the common tribe.

8. Generation

The first 100 FuZZies, called the FuZZie100 and are the OG generation.

OG generations have more benefits, including collecting more $FZBT per day.

The rest of the FuZZies are all 2nd generation.

9. Level

Once a FuZZieMiNT advances a level, it starts becoming more and more rare, and has added advantages. This is the ONLY DYNAMIC TRAIT of the FuZZieMiNTs and is a unique innovation in the NFT world.

You can read more about leveling up in this article.

And those are the all the different traits explained. Traits play a very important role in the lore of FuZZieMiNTs and no trait is meaningless. This is why background colors were left out as a trait, as they did not add any meaning to the FuZZieVeRSe.

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