FuZZieMiNTs Roadmap- Where Are We Going?

We are going places!

That’s for sure.

If you missed out on where FuZZieMiNTs came from, then make sure to read the origin story.

But here it’s time to talk about where we are going.

First off all, I wanted to share with you, that we are a long term NFT project

All our ideas, work and vision has been executed by keeping this very important point in mind. If you are here for short-term flipping this may not be the right project for you.

However, if you value longevity, long-term gain, community, innovation, and passion, then you are in the right place.

Our roadmap revolves is driven by 3 main values:

Charity, Community, Innovation

Let’s look at how these factors have affected our plans for the future.


Charity has been incorporated from DAY ONE into our project. We built it right into the smart contract.

Together with the community we chose 3 charities to give 1% to each, totalling 3% from all our sales.

EVERY SINGLE MINT automatically sends this amount out. It’s a no-brainer.

We will also continue to allocate 3% of all future sales to more causes that will be decided by the community.


Community is a big one for us.
We believe that no great project can be built by one person. It is the whole community or as we call ourselves, the FuZZie fam that has made FuZZieMiNTs possible. This is why from the very beginning we knew that we wanted to build in a reward system for our community.


FuZZie 100- We launched in two phases. 100 FuZZieMiNTs were first launched to identify our earliest supporters. These are part of our OG generation FuZZieMiNTs and we endearingly call them FuZZie100.

FuZZie100 will by far the most valuable of FuZZieMiNTs and can be recognized by the very visible 100 in the background.

FuZZie100 have a cool gold 100 in the back

FuZZie100 get a share of REWARD POOL where each of the FuZZies is allocated 0.1% of ALL sales, primary and secondary.
Note: The Reward pool receives 10.9% of all primary and secondary sales.

FuZZie100 also accumulate more utility tokens per day (more on this below) and have added advantages in most utility in the future.

Lucky 9- For people who missed the early train, we still wanted to give them a chance to be able to get a share of our reward pool. 9 Lucky FuZZieMiNTs were hidden in the public mint to be discovered.
These also share the same advantages as the FuZZie100 from the reward pool.

Lucky 9 can be easily recognized by the silver 9 in the background.


Other than rewarding the community, we also value our community’s opinions and involve them in important project decisions.

For example, the community chose our charities to give back to. The community also decided the name and design our utility token.


We actively engage with our community in our social media channels.
We love holding competitions to engage and reward our community and have done fun competitions already.

Our community members have won ETH and FuZZieMiNTs in:
Flex Your FuZZies competition where they got to share their AR ready 3d models in real life situations.

Halloween competition where they got to dress up their fuzzies for halloween.

Future competitions include:

  1. Naming competition for FuZZieMiNTs
  2. 2d pfp art competition
  3. AR competition
  4. Much more..


We are not just another 10k pfp collection.

We have always strived to be more than that. FuZZieMiNTs are more than just cute bouncy NFTs. They are important characters in FuZZieVeRSe, which will be the most positive game on the blockchain.

They come with amazing utility, that keeps on growing.

All FuZZieMiNTS passively accumulate our utility token, FuZZBiT ($FZBT)

Introducing a utility token allows for so much flexibility and room for innovation. It allows us to continually add new features and value to your FuZZieMiNT NFTs.

Using this, we are offering utility such as naming your FuZZies, claiming companion drops, downloading files, gaining access to events and projects and even more.

One of the biggest innovations that is already happening is leveling up of NFTs. This is currently in the works and releasing very soon.

Whenever you claim a leveling up utility using your FZBT, the FuZZieMiNT will go up a level. Higher level FuZZieMiNTs collect more FZBT, rise in rarity rankings and have an advantage when the FuZZiVeRSe game releases.

FuZZieMiNTs also boast the very innovative trait of positive vibes. This unique trait offers us many possibilities of gamification by combining different positive vibes to create super vibes. It will also be used the core mechanic of the FuZZiVeRSe game.

Innovation will always remain a core value of this project and new features will be added that will ensure that the project is always active and continues to grow in value.

There is a lot going on in this project, and this is because this is a core product of our game dev studio. Read more about this in our origin story.

So, here we are.

We hope that you join us in our journey, by either minting a FuZZieMiNT or getting one on secondary.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please make sure to like, share and comment.

And make sure to follow me, check out our website, Twitter, and join our Discord.



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Saba SW

Mom to one human and 8 cats | Entrepreneur and game designer | Creator of FuZZieMiNTs