What is FuZZBiT?

FuZZBiT is the utility token of FuZZieMiNTs of type ERC-20.

The name of the utility token was suggested, voted on and decided by the community. So was the FZBT icon design. They loved it simple and clean.

All FuZZieMiNTs passively start collecting FZBT from the day they are minted. The amount of FZBT each FuZZieMiNT collects depends on their current level and generation.

FZBT are claimable any time. There are no minimum amounts to claim, but there is a transaction cost for claiming your tokens, so we recommend collecting as many as possible and then claiming a lot in one go, or when you plan to claim new utility.

We decided to pair the FuZZieMiNT NFTs with FZBT so that we always have new features that we can easily add for our holders.

So what is FZBT for?

1. Claim utility

FZBT allows you to claim any new utility that will be released for FuZZieMiNT holders. This includes naming your NFTs, claiming companion drops, downloading special files, access to events/ other projects and more.

2. Level up your NFT

Claiming utility allows FuZZieMiNTS to level up. Some utilities will be eligible for leveling up. Naming is one of them. When a FuZZieMiNT levels up, it allows a FuZZieMiNT to collect more FZBT, rise in rarity rankings as well as give an advantage in the FuZZieVeRSe game.

This is a true innovation that has yet to be seen in any other collectible project.

3. In-game currency

FZBT will be used as the in-game currency of the FuZZieVeRSe game. Gamers will need either a FuZZieMiNT or FZBT to access the game. They will then be able to earn prize FZBT by completing missions and tasks within the game, and will further be able to use FZBT for in-game upgrades, accessories and building.

Currently 29% of all FZBT is allocated for FuZZieMiNT holders only, and these are passively collected and will continue to do so for 2 years, starting from October 1, 2021 till October 1, 2023.

We are really excited about this token and all the possibilities of it providing value to our holders.

Read more about our roadmap here.

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